How To Make Money From Article Writing

I’ll be the first to admit that writing articles is a tedious procedure, but it can be very profitable as a marketing strategy if you’re diligent in applying the correct guidelines.

The purpose of creating an article is to assist others by sharing the knowledge and knowledge you have as a person. But, your information isn’t going to be helpful and your knowledge won’t be valued if your article fails to get any attention. There are two major factors that impact the exposure of your article.

The first step is to decide to submit your article to be published online. The best exposure is when you submit your articles to quality article submission websites like Ezine Articles, Articles Base and Go Articles, as well as Articles Hub. There are many other sites available, however these are among the most popular in the field.

The other factor that affects exposure is the choice and use of keywords. When you write your article, make sure you select the two most relevant keywords you would like to see it placed on the top of the list. Utilizing a keyword tool such as Keyword Spy Pro you can find out the keywords that are in high demand (by the global search results) however, they are not as popular in competition.


Choose the more powerful of the two keywords that meet the above criteria as your primary keyword, which means that it should appear within 3-4 percent of your text. For instance, if the keyword you choose is “making money online”, it will appear three to four times in every 100 words in your article. Although “making money online” is comprised of three words, it’s considered to be one keyword when it is repeated throughout your text in the same order. The second keyword should have an average of 2% density in your text.

Make sure you use both words in the title since it allows your post to be easily found when other people type these words in their searches.

The desire to rank higher in search results will make you want to increase their number of words, but you should be aware that this could be viewed as spamming and could result in your article being placed at a low position in search engines, and then denied when it is submitted to websites for articles.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to article writing is to be sure that you write your article to appeal to the reader first. Do not let your keywords hinder your efforts of creating a clear informative and useful article, and thus earning money online. Include your keywords in an approach that is natural to readers. After you’ve written your article for people who read it, you can revisit and modify it to make it more search engine friendly. Keep in mind, the content is first and money later..

In terms of money, once you have your professionally written article, you can start monetizing it.

The first step is to write an article with the goal to use it exclusively on search engines. This lets you put numerous links to websites and services from which you earn commissions. For instance, using the keywords “buy weight loss pills” and weight loss reviews, you can write an article that compares a couple of weight loss products that you know about. If not, perhaps you could Google some information or even better, write about something you know about.

Due to the keywords mentioned above, when a person comes across your blog via an online search, you know that they are searching for reviews on weight loss with the intent of purchasing. They’re deemed to be as a pre-sold customer. Now all you need to do is convince them about what you’re presenting. You’ve already included in your post affiliate links to weight loss products you’re promoting.

Based on your review’s recommendation, the customer is likely to go to the offer(s) you’re advertising and when they purchase you’ll be paid. If your review is written well, they’ll consider your advertisement to be an honest recommendation, which is it an excellent one, and then comes the payment.

Another method of making money from writing articles is to submit articles to websites like those mentioned previously. They have stricter guidelines regarding what types of self-promotion or links are allowed within the article(s) However the advantage of these sites is that they permit you to use an information box in which you can add the link to your website or even advertise an affiliate program.

Be sure to follow the rules of the site for submissions and you’ll start to realize that the rewards are far greater than the effort you’ve put into. It’s possible to earn a greater payout if other sites begin to post your article on their websites. If this happens often enough, the back links and exposure for the website that you have included in your resource box are worth it.

Writing articles is an excellent method of earning money online. Contrary to other strategies for marketing, it’s a cost-free method to promote yourself, your productsand generating sales. Additionally, it adds benefit in the sense that you are sharing useful information with other people.

The last reason the reason you should start writing articles is that when you publish your article, it will be online for all time. The more people continue to see your article, the greater sales you could achieve. You may be making sales today from an article you wrote 10 years ago.

Don’t allow the monster of writing to be a worry for you, because the cash-making superhero is in its tracks.

If you’re new to marketing articles, I suggest that you begin with some kind of coaching. There are experts available who can provide an excellent guideline. These are the rules I employ to earn money online through my article writing. I’m doing it , so I’m sure that you can discover the methods to begin earning money online through your article.

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