5 American Priorities Which Must Not Be Delayed!

In, nearly any circumstance regardless of whether it’s related to an individual issue, or any organization/ group or with regards to public service issues, perhaps there is nothing as dangerous or risky like putting off action, particularly, whenproperly – thought out, timely action is needed, and indicated! It is as difficult as it becomes, in every circumstance, when it comes to national policies, agendas, actions, etc and, more so! Politicians, who seem, to put their own personal/ political agenda, and/or, their own desires above the good of the nation often make empty words, rhetoric, etc, to stir, the fears and emotionsas well as prejudices, of their supporters, instead of serving, and representing, everyone! Withthis in mind this article will attempt to briefly think about, examine, review and debate five American priorities, which must not, be delayed!

1. The dangers and implications associated with Climate Change:We often observe politicians as well as elected officials, attempt to minimize and even deny the possibility of dangers posed by Climate Change! A majority of scientists and experts, in that field, are concerned with the ramifications of this with regard to the sustainability and well – being, of the planet! If any politician equates this risk with the benefits of economic conditions and benefits, it is appealing to his most loyal supporters but not to the greater good! If we don’t begin to tackle these issues, and proactively and in a timely manner, we could see significant changes to the climate, the depth of the oceans and so on! The Earth can’t afford to put off action as its leaders must, strategically, and in a thoughtfully considered manner, take smart actions, to ensure sustainability, as well as a healthy planet for the future!

2. Environmental protections:We have to hand over to the next generation, a planet, with pure air and clean water! Shouldn’t it be, our obligation to leave our planet, in better shape as we discovered it? It is not possible for politicians to steer clear of this, because it seems to be an untruth!

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3. The right to voteHow do we continue, referring to, ourselves, as a democratic society without ensuring that we safeguard voting rights to all? We require a representative form of government, where everyone is treated equally, especially, when it comes to access toand the right to vote freely! If we wait in this, we are putting at risk our system of government, and the Constitutional guarantees rights, rights, and liberties for the rest of our lives!

4. Equal rights/protection:We must demand, in the truest sense, equal rights for everyone! This means protecting every right, freedom and right, instead of only, limited ones! It shouldn’t be based upon any political affiliation, political views, beliefs, and/or any agenda instead, be equally applicable to and for, all!

5. End the polarization:Denying that the nation is more divided than, ever before, in recent times, does not make it, go away! We must instead demand, a return to more civility and try to bring about a thoughtful carefully thought out, meeting of – the – minds to benefit the common good!

Wake up, America, and demand our elected and public officials, to address these urgent priority issues, sooner, rather than later, and you should no longer allow procrastination, in addressing what is most pressing and urgent! Are you a more responsible voter, and citizen?

Richard has owned businesses and has served as COO, Director of Development as well as a consultant. He has professionally run events, consulted to thousands of leaders, held personal development workshops and worked on political campaigns, for 4 years. Rich has written three books and a plethora of articles.

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