The Key to True Meaning of Success

In life many people think that success is contingent on external things like cars, houses, money, and many other items that are outside, however the reality is that success is not dependent on something outside of oneself. The success of a person should be determined by the impact and contribution of oneself and around the Earth. We have all believed in the mythology for the longest time that we must to prove to people what it is we accomplish and do to show them our approbation or recognition.

In truth, none of it is necessary because who will evaluate, validate or approve the things you have in your own mind? Who is able to tell you if you got it right or not? Who will be able to leap into your dream or vision and say “Yep that’s what you did exactly the way it was shown in your dreams or vision”? I often remind my clients that the only thing nobody can get a hold of is your dreams and visions.

Your dreams and visions provide you with the roadmap and the way to determine what qualifies as success. Only you will be able to see the things that are within your visions and hopes, so to determine if you’re successful or not, you need to ask yourself “Did I birth out the things I imagined in my dreams and visions?” A lot of us have vivid dreams and visions but we are so afraid of beginning the process of birthing , because of the risk that something might go wrong.

I challenge you to begin the process now because either you will live with pain or regret of not doing it or the pain of starting today. There will be pain but not every pain is bad. Do you remember the expression “No Pain No Gain?” It is true that when we go through pain. There is an experience that’s there to remind us of the things you went through, and makes you stronger.

When you head to the gym to work out, there will be a certain amount of discomfort and pain that’s required in order to know that you worked the muscle group that you had in your mind. Sometimes , you’ll feel stiff for a few days or two afterwards but you keep going back to the gym to eventually see the results you had envisioned. If this is the case for working out and strengthening your muscles, wouldn’t you believe it applies to all aspect?


Yes, in order to reach the level of achievement you’re here to make you have to remain in the mental and spiritual gym to look at the vision board to see whether you’re working the right muscles groups in order to observe the results of the vision. It’s not a matter of whether other people can see the results but you cannot because they don’t know what the vision board appears like.

I tell my students all the time, It doesn’t matter what other people say about you but what you think regarding yourself.” Many people see this saying and associate it with something negative but it applies to the positive ones too, as you must learn to be confident in yourself and make sure that you’re saying the important things you should hear to yourself.

I challenge you to stop thinking about what could go wrong , and instead consider what might go right if you birth out the vision and dream. When you focus your attention and energy on the goal and your dream, a flow of intensity and frequency will come through to drive you to success. I believe when the goal and vision are strong, it will pull you. And when the attention and passion is present, it will push you to achieve your goals.

When this is understood your ultimate success will be awaiting and the level of joy, happiness and happiness that we dream of is also going to be available. There is no need to live in a state that is not fulfilling your potential and there is no reason to live a life in which you don’t get the chance to truly experience the meaning of success and happiness. It is your right to be born so take advantage of it.

You’re not missing anything! You can to this world to do something great that you are the only one who can. Success is made inside you, and you must dig deep within your self and pull that excellence out as it is yours to enjoy.

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