Seeing Is Believing & How Things Ought To Be

I was walking on the beach this morning enjoying music from the ocean laps against the shingle. My mind was in a neutral state and I was feeling grateful for such a beautiful morning and the joy that is living along the coast.

My thoughts swung and waned towards the achievement of one of my most cherished objectives, and then to the business transaction that could allow that to be achieved… as well then I was mulling over how this business deal may be a failure or success.

My thoughts then drifted further into analysis of how much it was important to me and all the benefits that could be attributed to the outcome I desired. I thought about the ways that a successful outcome could enable me to help someone I’ve been working with.

Then I began to get frustrated and asked myself: >”… why is this taking so long… if seeing is believing , I don’t see this happening… ? 

In just a few minutes my peace of mind and present moment awareness had been shattered. I was feeling angry as well as anxious and angry…

It has a very specific idea of how things should be.

When reality doesn’t match that image and expectations, the result is pain and frustration.

I’m My Life and I’ll Do The Way I Want to Do It

Our minds are trained to create what we perceive to be MY life . It’s perfectly packaged and accompanied by distinct boundaries that define my perception of who I am and how things are.


But who is this “I”?

If you were to look deep enough and persist with the”Who am I? “Who is I?” you will find no answer!

This isn’t an idea or an idea, it’s the reality that has been experienced. This is my direct personal experience. I’ve been through this type of enquiry myself as a result of some extremely testing situations that I have been through in my past.

If you are able to dig into the right places, you’ll find lots of thoughts about “me”, thoughts that “I” have, concepts that are ideas, thoughts and images of “me” All things that make up “how I view myself” and defines “my self-image”.

After all the layer of the “I am” are removed, there is nothing there except an operating system that is largely pre-programmed and automatically-generated thoughts and reactions that control the bones in the bag that we think of as “me”.

Metaphorically, think of the self in the form of “Windows 10” and with “self” conscious!

Seeing Is Believing, or is it?

As in “The Matrix” we are deceived by the idea that what we see is what actually happens.

Why? Because it is the “Windows 10” default setting, which:

* Keep an eye on what’s “out there”

* Sees separateness

* Sees a wide range of situations, events and situations

* is bound by time and can see the past and the future.

* Views the present in the present moment by looking through its own inner map of reality that it effortlessly connects to its memories of the past and also its speculation and projection of the future.

We are lulled by our thoughts, we are stuck in our thoughts and we can’t think our way out of this one.

There is simply no alternative to the normal functioning of the human mind.

We often confuse the map with the territory.

Seeing and believing our default setting.

As we become more attentive, in the gaps between our thoughts, we discover that we are much beyond the narrow and conventional self.

We are certainly not “Windows 10”!

When we are experiencing this, we realize that we are energetic or spiritual beings, and that we are all interconnected as part of one all-embracing everything.

The barriers of separation are smashed away.

“Windows 10” is not an energetic being , and its purpose and expectation are dependent on the circumstances.

An Illustration for Personal Use

I am able to recall an instance of this in which I was ensconced by, and focused on, particular circumstances. I was looking outside of myself towards circumstances, seeking an evidence that would allow me to believe that my intentions could be plausible.

I was looking beyond myself at circumstances in search of evidence that would allow me to consider my thoughts likely.

In the end, I came to realize that belief, or expectation is an internal condition that influenced my experience of my life was dependent on this.

Do not continue to look outside of your situation, at the circumstances to find evidence of HOW it could all go according to plan.

It begins inside of your own. You have to feel it first , then things will shift and your desires will manifest.

“Seeing is Believing” and dropping the “How? 

The act of letting go and letting go of your “How?” is hard to the ego as let go is an act of surrender – of giving up control.

It is also a matter of temperament. For those who think of themselves as the leader and the one in charge will find it particularly difficult. We often only let go once we have reached an unending point.

Alternatively, we can employ the following less drastic and less stressful method:

* Accept the present moment by accepting the present.

* Thank God and express gratitude for what is – regardless of the circumstances.

* Connect with your higher self/ higher spiritual self through the more advanced practice of gratitude.

* Consider the end product and the end result you desire. And, since this is key Feel it, then tell yourself thank you.

* Take Action and take action based on your intuitions, inner prompts, and intuitions that arise and perform the action to highest of abilities. If you decide to act, just do it. You don’t have to think about it. get rid of all attachment to the outcome.

* And lastly, and perhaps most important – the GESTATION TIME Learn it and believe in it. embrace it and stay with it.

“Stop Believing in the way It’s Going to Happen and Begin Believing It Will”

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