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Are you starting your own online business and are implementing various internet marketing strategies to increase your sales or drive visitors to your site? This is the spot for you as among the many strategies for increasing traffic such as social bookmarking, article submission, and the use of email for marketing, submission to PR is first because it allows for instant stream of visitors to your site.

In light of the above-mentioned requirements, the developers have created News publisher that allows you to submit news to various directories for PR submission. The software comes with a variety of features, including the ability to publish press releases and news stories to around 100 of the top news, business and PR websites, allowing users to access your website immediately. It’s a unique multi-dimensional tool for submitting PR that will not only increase the visibility of your company’s image but also increases your traffic ratio, sales and also your contacts. Due to these advantages it is a must for all kinds of businessmen.

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What is this News Publisher does is that it is used to send announcements that contain details about your company to 100 websites with only one click. If the URL hyperlinked in the press release you have submitted is clicked, your company’s website will be created, which increases the sales of your business and profits. All you need to do is install the software on your computer and then provide the primary contact details and then start the program. It won’t just send information, but will create numerous accounts for you to sign up.

In terms of its capabilities is concerned, the program is able to send out press releases in a variety of formats to top 100 websites. In contrast to the majority of PR submitters, it has a hyperlinks and can recognize captcha images automatically. Due to the submission reports, when you submit your news, you don’t have to look up every URL. In addition to the submission report, it also provides registration reports also, in both pdf and HTML formats. What’s more? It also helps you promote targeted keywords that are correlated with your PR, making your news highly in the rankings. The option of providing details about future releases as well as announcements from the company are as well for the convenience for the reader.

The software was developed with the guidelines for press releases in mind. The above mentioned features make this software exceptional.

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